Meet The Team

Miami Model Citizens Meet The Team

Welcome to Miami Model Citizens making an impact upon our South Florida community through charity volunteerism and philanthropy.


Lisa MoralesLisa Morales, Co-Founder

Ben WilsonBen Wilson, Co-Founder

Charity Board of Directors

Meet the current Board of Directors and Advisory Board of Miami Model Citizens Foundation, Inc.

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Special Mentions

Thank you to our Ambassador Team for their contributions to MMC Foundation, Inc. & our S. Florida community. Thanks to Joey Wright for his contributions via photo shoots.


Meet The Team

Photo Credits:

Laura Coppelman Photography (Unless otherwise credited).

Andrea-Ocampo Haley: James Young photographer.

Christina Gray: Manny Ramon (Photo 1), Derrick Doty (Photo 2), Katie Gardener (Photos 3 & 4), and Peter Urbanksi (Photo 5).

Heidi Hernandez-Victoria: Joel Endemano (Photo 2) and Andre Rowe (all remaining photos of model).

Jenise Lebron: Andrea Gavira (Photo 1) and Kenny Roland (all remaining photos of model).

Mara Marrero: J Rivera Photography

Estefania Serrano: Jordan Krate (Photo 1), Christopher Hendlund (Photo 2), Michael Falco (Photo 3), Andrew Litsch (Photo 4).