Born Free Pet Shelter

Born Free Pet Shelter in Homestead

On Saturday, Miami Model Citizens volunteered at the Born Free Pet Shelter in Homestead, Florida to interact with the shelter dogs and make a donation of $2,000 and a large crate of pet food to support this no-kill pet shelter. Saturday’s volunteer session concluded Miami Model Citizens’ year-long support of the pet shelter through regular donations and volunteer efforts. In total, in 2017, Miami Model Citizens donated over $17,500 in funds and supplies to support the pet rescue efforts of Born Free Pet Shelter and the Humane Society of Greater Miami, a school supply drive at Miami Bridge Youth Shelter, and a Thanksgiving food drive at Miami Rescue Mission, along with over 100 volunteer hours.

Thank you to all of our supporters for a successful 2017! A special thank you to our ambassadors for their hard work this year: Ben Wilson, Lisa Morales, Alexia Ayars, Amber Quinn, Andrea Mendes Arroio, Ashley Rodriguez, Carla Aguilera, Christy Duran, Crystal Hendrix, Danielle Diaz, Elle Da Cruz, Erika Rodriguez, Isabel Cintron, Isabella Marcela Mantallana, Joey Wright, Juliana Serna Tobon, Leslie Cruz, Lorraine Crespo, Melanie Tillbrook, Melissa Garcia Paez, Nabilla Hack, Natasha Evans, Priscila Sales, Sara Cardenas, Sarai Campbell, Summer Priester, Vanessa Urrego, and Zoila Garcia.

“…more than just pretty faces.”

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Miami Model Citizens Charity organization formed in 2013 based upon models and other role models helping animals and kids in need through volunteer projects. Next event!

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